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On 7 Oct 2017 the Smitty Det hosted the 1st annual ”Smitty Det Iron Sights Shootout” at Tucker Farms in Hillsboro, AL.  Marine Corps League Postal Match rules for service rifle and pistol were in effect.  Detachments throughout the state were invited, and one detachments officers were even challenged to a heads up competition with the Smitty Det officers, but ultimately only the shooting team from Howling Mad Smith detachment answered the call. The range went hot at 0930, and when the final cease fire was called at 1445 and the results were tabulated Smitty Det reigned supreme in the team competition.  The individual results however, were a little different.


Rifle                                         Pistol

1st.  Tim Leidecker  346/1X  Smitty Det       Tim Leidecker 481/3X    Smitty Det

2nd.  Jim Davis      341/1X  Howling Mad      Gene Smith 440/1X       Smitty Det

3rd   Russell Casterlin  331/2X Howling Mad   Chuck Purcell 427/3X    Smitty Det

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